Catherine Black

Catherine Black

Catherine Black

Catherine has been privileged to work with several successful international and regional corporations during her professional career, as a director, manager, leader, and coach. After working for a land developer just out of college, she began her career in her home town of San Diego with a large land development and engineering firm, as regional marketing director. As her family grew, she established a business development consulting business in San Diego, working with land development, architectural, engineering, and financial companies. She relocated to Minnesota as Marketing Director for a regional communications company for 10 years, orchestrating the overall corporate development and marketing strategy

Her career path lead to a position with a North Dakota regional independent community bank in a business development role, and then on to a private funding role with a land development and commercial real estate company, where she became a licensed commercial realtor.

Catherine’s participation in a successful real estate deal with Welfont motivated her to join the Welfont team, after experiencing the culture, team, mission and innovative transaction.

Her experience in corporate environments developing creative and sustainable growth and development strategies and solutions, work with clients in relationship development, as well as her experience as a business owner, provide her with a vast array of skills, talents, strengths, insight and intuition that she is now contributing to the Welfont acquisition team.

Catherine enjoys recharging at the beach, golfing, biking, hiking, fitness workouts, cooking and time with her family.

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Name: Catherine Black

Phone: (701) 446-7947

Title:Senior Acquisitions Manager