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When it comes to commercial real estate asset types…

Welfont’s expertise is very broad. We emphasize the opportunity and the benefits of specific transactions like the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale, regardless of asset types. The supply and demand for specific asset types are always changing; and, therefore, the opportunities for different asset types are always changing, and we follow the changing opportunities.

The Welfont team has experience in every major real estate asset type as shown below:

 Our industrial facilities include land, warehouses and manufacturing plants that can be bought and sold through the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale.


Industrial buildings, manufacturing facilities, warehousing space, even equipment.

Many companies, buyers and nonprofits benefit in commercial real estate transactions of suburban office parks, inner city office space and corporate headquarters in a bargain sale.


Suburban office parks, downsized corporate headquarters, inner city office space.

Investors look to selling residential properties in a bargain sale to liquidate surplus, receive tax deductions and give back to society.


A lot of investors have surplus residential rental housing, corporate housing, etc.

Healthcare facilities, such as urgent care facilities, hospitals, testing facilities, assisted living and nursing homes, can benefit all the participants in a commercial real estate transaction through the use of the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale.


Urgent Care facilities, hospitals, testing facilities, assisted living & nursing homes.

 Warehouse space, self-storage facilities and distribution centers are among the types of storage facilities that investors can consider liquidation using the Bargain Sale.


Includes all types of warehouse space, self-storage facilities & distribution centers.

Using the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale to attract buyers in a commercial real estate transaction benefits all participants in the deal.


Regional malls, strip centers, outlet malls, specialty shops, arcades, bowling alleys.

Multi-family homes, such as apartment complexes, can be part of a bargain sale for multi-family homes.

Multi Family

Apartment complexes, condos, mobile home parks, townhouse developments, etc.

The Bargain Sale can be a great way to process the commercial real estate transaction of hospitality venues.


Hotels, motels, resorts, restaurants, with a good upside potential of increased NOI.

Companies can enjoy tax deductions mixed-use properties by using the Bargain Sale during real estate transactions.

Mixed Use

Our buyers are seeking mixed use office, residential & retail development options.

Whether its development, redevelopment, farm, timber, mining, industrial, retail, excess, etc.., selling land with a Bargain Sale, known as a bargain sale, can help participants benefit during a commercial real estate transaction.


Development, redevelopment, farm, timber, mining, industrial, retail, excess, etc.

Bargain sales foster redevelopment opportunities that many value-add investors are seeking.


A lot of Value Add investors are looking for potential redevelopment opportunities.

The Bargain Sale may be the best financial way to handle investments for special facilities.

Special Facilities

Churches, schools, colleges, ice rinks, sports complexes, entertainment, marinas.