Our Mission and Values














Vintage compass lies on an ancient world map.Mission

To provide exceptional win-win commercial real estate investment services that enrich our clients’ lives and helps to achieve goals.


To be the national leaders in helping clients maximize after-tax yields utilizing the IRS Section 170 Bargain Sale and the 1031 Exchange.

Values (T.E.A.M.)

 Trust – We build trust with our clients and stakeholders by communicating with integrity while delivering high value expertise.

Excellence – We equip and expect our associates to perform their roles at the highest level of competency, knowledge, skill, and quality of work to the benefit of our clients and stakeholders.

Accountability – We take personal ownership and responsibility over every opportunity, transaction, task, problem or situation we face in achieving our mission and vision.

Motivation – We are passionate about our work and we motivate each other to reach our individual and collective goals in serving our clients and stakeholders.