Ground Report Interviews CEO of The Welfont Companies Inc. on Becoming a Top Inc. 5000 Real Estate Firm

Ground Report Interviews CEO of The Welfont Companies Inc. on Becoming a Top Inc. 5000 Real Estate Firm

Tampa, FL, March 3, 2019 

Ground Report, recently recognized Tampa-based, real estate brokerage, The Welfont Companies Inc. for being ranked as 2018’s fastest-growing real estate brokerage company by Inc. 5000. This is a huge honor and recognition, as almost 30,000,000 companies were competing for a ranked spot on Inc. 5000’s list.  

Ground Report acknowledged this accomplishment by interviewing Shawn Marcell, CEO of The Welfont Companies Inc., about what it took for Welfont to get to this top ranking.

Upon becoming the CEO of a top Inc. 5000 real estate firm, Marcell was recently named by Inc. Magazine as an All-Star Entrepreneur for helping lead Welfont to the fastest-growing real estate brokerage and services business in Inc. 5000 history. As CEO, Marcell has helped Welfont become an industry leader in the commercial real estate space. Welfont was ranked 2018’s fastest-growing real estate brokerage company by Inc. 5000 by growing four times more quickly than any previous winner.

So, what helps separate Welfont from the 30,000,000 companies who competed? Ground Report shares that Marcell believes it’s not only their unique client base—nonprofits—but also the company’s relationship philosophy when dealing with clients.

Marcell shared stories with Ground Report of when he first started in his real estate career. He said, “It is important to stay focused on the little things that not only help to stand out but also get results in today’s busy marketplace. By doing the little things, it will help strengthen the relationship with clients.”

It is clear that Marcell has experience in the industry, as these stories are not just what he thinks but what he knows and has practiced for years. Marcell’s philosophy is this: “In order to be successful and see results, one must go that extra mile in order to cultivate that relationship.” This philosophy has become the guiding principle of Welfont today, and has played a major role into bringing Welfont where they are today. Ground Report says that according to Marcell, Welfont is undoubtedly the company to watch out for in the near future. With its rapid growth and unique approach, the ‘sky's the limit’ for them.

Founded in 2014 in Tampa, The Welfont Companies Inc. employs only 60 people and provides investors and the nonprofit sector with real estate services such as brokerage representation, asset management and dispositions. In 2016, Marcell joined Welfont as a Senior Acquisition Agent. Shortly thereafter, he was promoted to Regional Vice President, and then the company’s CEO, a role he still holds today.

Although based in Tampa, Welfont is a national commercial and residential real estate company that specializes in providing investors and the nonprofit sector with a wide range of services, including brokerage representation, advisory, marketing, underwriting, due diligence, financial services, asset management, and dispositions.

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