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What We Do



Welfont is a boutique commercial and residential brokerage firm providing a wide range of services and creative solutions to real estate investors.  We specialize in helping our clients locate, negotiate, acquire and dispose of properties on a nationwide platform. In addition to exclusive residential properties, our clients are focused on all types of commercial property including; industrial, office, retail, mixed-use and land.  No matter if the asset is performing, underutilized or even distressed we represent both investment buyers as well as non-profits that are capable of competing successfully in any market space.


Welfont’s proprietary investment platform affords our clients with real estate investment opportunities unlike those available anywhere else.  Our portfolio of advisory services includes; strategic marketing to uncover opportunities, contract negotiation, underwriting services, due diligence, financing, asset management, valuation services, and disposition services.  All with a core value of client risk mitigation paired with maximum ROI.


One of the biggest challenges in successful real estate investing is uncovering the best opportunities available on and off market.  Welfont’s analytics team has developed a state-of-the-art program leveraging the latest property research technology in combination with good old-fashioned phone skills to bring our clients the best available properties that meet their criteria.


Simply put, real estate underwriting is the process by which real estate investments are evaluated to determine their viability and potential. Subpar underwriting can result in substantial losses for investors. When evaluating each prospective investment for our clients, Welfont employs a proactive, holistic approach that factors in both quantifiable data points and qualitative attributes, including market sentiment and development experience. We do not use a one-size-fits-all approach. Given that our clients invest in a variety of real estate asset types, we have flexibility to recommend the investments we believe will produce the best risk-adjusted returns.

Due Diligence:

On behalf of our client’s our underwriting team performs an extensive and robust analysis to make sure each investment opportunity itself has a compelling risk-return profile. This stage involves site visits, a study of comparable properties, a comprehensive appraisal, a thorough budget analysis, pro-forma financial analysis and setting up the legal/organizational structure, among other things.


Financing is one of the biggest threats to a satisfactory ROI in real estate investing and our clients often avoid it.  However, depending on the asset our client’s ideal lender may occasionally choose to finance a purchase based on their overall investment strategy. Welfont has this covered as well.  Through a highly developed network of lenders our clients have multiple financing options available to them including bank lending, private money, flash funding and other sources to name a few.  Welfont’s advisory services play a key role in helping match our clients financing needs with the ideal lender and negotiate on their behalf to lock in the most favorable terms available.

Asset Management:

The broad objective of our asset management team is to maximize property value and our client’s investment returns. This means reducing expenditures when possible, finding the most consistent and highest sources of revenue, and mitigating liability and risk, among other things. Welfont analyzes each asset in depth and makes recommendations based on our client’s overall investment strategy.


Here at Welfont we believe that every asset or group of assets is unique and we develop specific plans for our client’s specific needs. Our combined group of experts develops a strategic action plan that includes the most current information on market conditions, capital flows, local market intelligence and emerging trends to determine the exact metrics needed to successfully achieve stated objectives. Our analysts have specialized knowledge in all major property types with advisors in all major markets around the country.


Welfont is also a strategic buyer seeking compelling investment opportunities through its affiliated acquisition entities. Over the years, our principals have acquired millions of square feet of industrial, office, retail, and special facilities throughout the U.S., often to help expedite a company’s ability to raise cash or liquidate a property.