Tampa Bay Times Call Welfont “#1 Tampa Bay Company by Growth”

Tampa Bay Times Call Welfont “#1 Tampa Bay Company by Growth”

Tampa, FL, August 17, 2018 

The Welfont Companies based out of Tampa, Florida joined four other Tampa Bay Companies on the INC 5000 list this year. The Tampa Bay Times acknowledged Welfont’s position as the number one Tampa based company with a 3 year growth rate of 11,359%, calling their top performance, “Not too shabby”.

Not too shabby indeed. Not only did Welfont come in at number 1 out of the Tampa Bay area companies with a growth rate that was more than triple the number 2 Tampa Bay area company, but Welfont also came in as the 16th fastest growing business in all of America out of a potential field of 30,000,000 companies.

In the field of U.S. based real estate companies (which includes anything from developers and property managers to brokerages and leasing companies), the Tampa Bay Times points out that Welfont came in 2nd place. However, among all real estate brokerages, Welfont finished in the top spot in the country, separating themselves from the 2nd fastest growing real estate brokerage by a margin of nearly 4,000%.

Welfont’s CFO, Dr. Mike Surowiec said, “Our accomplishment will make a brilliant case study someday. To grow at over an 11,000 percent clip in revenue, just with internal cash, is unbelievable. No outside investor. Just internal cash. And to grow it from month to month and quarter to quarter and to accomplish what we accomplished is a case study by itself.”

When asked how Welfont did it, Surowiec stated, “It took a lot of focus. We hired good people and kept them focused on executing basic real estate activities but directed towards the unique niche of nonprofit investors. They’re a huge untapped market and we just focused in on them.

Executive Vice President of Business Development, Pat Blount added, “In my 35 plus years of real estate and finance experience, I have never seen anything like this, and I’ve been involved in billions of dollars of transactions over the years with a number of different companies. I believe the difference comes down to our focus. We know our client niche better than anyone and we bring them exactly what they’re looking for, which by the way, is not property specific. It’s about profit and deal structure. We understand that, so that’s what we deliver.

Welfont’s CEO, Shawn Marcell emphasized, “We create synergy within the real estate community. We’re not competing with other brokers for listings or clients. Instead, we cooperate and collaborate with them to get deals done. Once the brokerage community understood that, the deal flow opened up in a big way.”

You can read the full Tampa Bay Times article here… https://www.tampabay.com/news/business/corporate/Welfont-KnowBe4-Teami-and-other-Tampa-Bay-companies-rank-high-in-Inc-5000-list_170981016